April 18, 2015 v11.0.9
- Fixed formatting issue with Australian addresses

April 17, 2015 v11.0.8
- Added support for eBay's Global Shipping addresses. Breeze now prints to reference #
- Fixed installation issue on some clients with missing System.Net.Http assembly
- Other minor bug fixes and enhancements
- This update uses a new database, so you may have to reset your application. Save the settings first (View Menu>Settings), then do the reset (Help Menu>Reset)  

March 5, 2015 v11.0.7
- Allow users to set different 'auto print' printer for each shop
- Added support to download payments sent
- Download details of Invoices created with PayPal Invoices (Api user 'breeze_api1.codegoose.com' must be given permissions to ' ' for this to work).

February 1, 2015 v11.0.4
- Faster downloads.
- Added Shipping Method field to My Orders Screen
- Better semantic names for template files

September 7,2014 v11.0.1
- Fixed issue were new installation would overwrite old data.
- Added support for postage paid USPS labels.
- New authentication servers
- Other software bug fixes and stability improvements

July 28, 2014 v10.0.3
- Fixed installation issue with some clients that had previous version of Crystal report installed
- Only require .NET 4.0 to accomodate XP/Vista Clients
- Fix a few packing slip template issues

July 25, 2014 v10.0.1
- Fixes "remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden" error on older versions.
- Upgrade to .NET 4.5 and SAP crystal reports 13.0.10
- Ability to add tracking # to orders